What are your Sales and Support Hours?

Our Sales hours are 8:00 AM to 6:00 P.M. PST (GMT-8), Monday through Friday. (sales@edgevm.com)

Our Support hours are 24 hours/7days a week. (support@edgevm.com)

Do you Speak Chinese?

Yes, we do have a few Engineers who are Native speakers and can read, write, and speak Mandarin Chinese.
We do encourage customers to use English if at all possible, so all of our staff can assist you quickly and efficiently.

Where is my VPS? How long does setup take?

Most orders are automatically deployed by our order and VPS control panel, but due to increasing fraud, order setup may take up to 24 hours for phone and identity verification. We recommend all customers use Paypal as their payment option for faster deployment and verification. Existing customers can always enjoy immediate VPS setup.


How do I reinstall the OS?

Reinstalling the Operating System is very simple. First, login the SolusVM control panel. You should see the hostname of your VPS. Please locate the VPS you’d like to reinstall and click on it.
In the General Tab, please click on “Reinstall” and follow the instructions. Your server will be reinstalled with your OS of choice shortly.

How do I add another IP Address?

Please contact sales@edgevm.com to order additional IP addresses. Please be advised that the maximum number of IP addresses per VPS is 3 total.
Once sales has invoiced you for the ip address and assigned you the IP address, you should be able to use the ip immediately by configuring your OS.

If you do not know what the additional IP address is please login to the Control Panel, go to the your VPS and under Controls -> Network Tab, you’ll see your additional IP Addresses.